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Chaser Bin FAQ

What is a chaser bin?

A chaser bin, or grain cart is a farm implement that is towed behind a tractor that receives grain into it's bin from a combine harvester's auger, enabling the harvester to continue harvesting without having to stop to unload.

Chaser bins range from capacities from 18-60t and typically include a hydraulically controlled discharge auger driven by tractor PTO to unload its contents into a larger mother bin, semi trailer or other grain storage device.

Is a chaser bin worth it?

Any downtime during harvest is costly both in productivity and crop risk.

  • Combine harvesters spend up to 35% of harvest time unloading or traveling.
  • Post-maturity yield loss can reach approximately 0.5% per day (SEPWA).
  • Crop loss or damage due to weather conditions can impact the bottom line by up to 40%.

Investing in a chaser bin can significantly boost field efficiency and dramatically reduce the time it takes to complete harvest. Chaser bins reclaim unloading time and ensuring the combine harvester operates at full capacity.

How much grain does a chaser bin hold?

Our bins range from 33,000 L to 46,000 L capacities.

As crops vary in size and density according to variety and moisture content, exact bin capacities by weight will vary.

Please refer to our Grain Weight and Density Chart to determine exactly how much crop your chaser bin can hold.

For example, our 35T bin can hold approximately 46,000 L. When filled with a typical Australian wheat variety, this translates to 35 tonne. However, when filled with certain fertilisers, the load could weigh up to 46 tonne! The undercarriage of our dual axle chaser bins are rated up to 80 tonnes to safely accommodate a large range of crops and fertilisers.

What size chaser bin do I need?

We recommend getting a slightly larger bin than you think you need. Factors that determine the size of bin you need are:

  • Harvester Capacity: A chaser bin should be able to accommodate the volume of crop harvested before it needs to unload.
  1. Field Size: The size of your fields and the distance to the nearest storage or unloading point will affect the size of the chaser bin needed. Larger fields or longer distances may require a larger bin to minimize downtime for unloading.
  2. Crop Type and Yield: Different crops have varying densities and yields. Choose a bin size that can handle the volume efficiently. Our Grain Weight and Density Chart can help you determine what size chaser bin you require.
  3. Transportation and Logistics: Consider the size and capacity of the equipment you'll use to transport the chaser bin, as well as any logistical constraints on your farm or operation.
  4. Future Growth: Anticipate potential increases in farm size or changes in cropping practices that may affect your chaser bin needs in the future.

Our team is always ready to help you find the best bin for your needs.

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Are Davimac chaser bins easy to operate and maintain?

Yes. Davimac bins have been built with the farmer in mind and feature simple and reliable operation without complex parts that increase the points of failure.

They are easy to maintain and service with user-replaceable bolt-on parts, easy access to grease points. easy internal bin access and simple cleanout with all doors operated via a single easy-to-access lever.

Spare parts are easily obtained via our online parts store.

Can I use my chaser bin for crops other than wheat?

Yes. A chaser bin can be used for many different purposes including but not limited to:

  • Harvesting grains, corn, rice, beans, peas, sorghum, oilseeds and other crops.
  • Many farmers use their bins to carry fertiliser around their farm or even animal feed.

Our auger hopper feed-out chute increases the versatility of the bin, enabling its contents to be spread around your farm. Your chaser bin can be used all year round, not just at harvest, maximising your return on investment.

How much does a chaser bin cost?

You can price and configure a chaser bin using our build a bin instant quotation tool.

Are chaser bins customisable?

Davimac chaser bins can be customised to suit your farm and workflow. Customisations include:

  • Right hand discharge
  • Custom red or green paint finishes
  • Hydraulic drive
  • Auger extensions

Additionally, chaser bins can be fitted with a range of options including:

  • Larger or flotation tyres to minimise compaction
  • Rear tow hitch
  • Cameras to see into or behind the machine
  • Weigh scales with wireless connection to real time harvest software
  • Fire-fighting units
  • Auger hopper chutes
What is the auger size and discharge speed?

Davimac 25T, 30T and 35T bins feature a PTO driven 20" auger that can unload grain up to 12T/min at 1000 RPM.

Do chaser bins cause compaction?

Soil compaction occurs when heavy machinery "compacts" the soil into hard layers which affects the soil's water filtration and crop root penetration.

Davimac chaser bins feature CTF compatible tyre centres that alleviate soil compaction constraints.

Wider tyres help spread the load over a larger area, and flotation tyre options feature special treads that reduce soil displacement and perform well in both wet and dry conditions.

Can I put tracks on my chaser bin?

Some third-party universal track systems may be compatible with our bins with modification. Please contact us for more information.

Vimcor Track Systems has been discontinued.

Do I need brakes on my chaser bin?

Davimac bins are unbraked. This streamlined design aligns with our commitment to providing reliable and efficient solutions that prioritize user experience and minimize unnecessary complexities.

Do I need a steering axle on a chaser bin?

An undercarriage failure during harvest would be catastrophic.

We opted to create a reliable, simple and super strong floating axle undercarriage which is significantly more robust than a steering axle, with less components and fewer points of failure.

Steering axles are not necessary for smaller bin sizes up to 35T and do not greatly impact soil compaction.

Tractor Requirements

How much HP does my tractor need to tow a chaser bin?

The below values should serve as a guideline only and will vary depending on true crop weight.

Minimum tractor horsepower guide for towing a full load of wheat:

  • 25T - 260 hp or greater
  • 30T - 310 hp or greater
  • 35T - 360 hp or greater

Operators must ensure their tractor has adequate weight, power, and towing capacity before hitching to the chaser bin. Maximum tow capacity is generally documented in your tractor's user manual.

My tractor doesn't have PTO. Can it still operate a chaser bin?

Davimac chaser bins can be optionally fitted with a 500 RPM hydraulic drive for older tractors or tractors without PTO.

Please note that:

  • Hydraulic drive will significantly reduce the output speed of the discharge auger when compared to PTO driven.
  • An additional tractor high-flow remote is required.
How many hydraulic remotes does my tractor need to operate a chaser bin?

Davimac bins require three (3) hydraulic remote outlets to control all features of the bin, including grain flow doors, auger unfold, and hydraulic auger spout.

For bins fitted with a hydraulic drive, an additional high-flow remote is required.

What drawbar pin size does my tractor need to hitch to a chaser bin?

Davimac chaser bins come with a swivel tow eye hitch with swappable balls to change the hitch's receiving diameter to either 44.5mm (1 3/4") or 52mm (2"). This enables a better fit for a wider range of tractors with differing pin sizes and helps reduce shunting.

Can my chaser bin be the same colour as my tractor or header?

We offer three (3) different 2-pack paint finishes to match the chaser bin colour to other popular farm machinery brands in Australia.

Bins are available in the following colours:

  • Davimac Blue (standard)
  • Custom Red
  • Custom Green with yellow hubs

Chaser Bin Safety

Do I need a transport escort?

No escort required.

Our 25-35T bins fit within the NHVRs 3.5m width limitation for daytime transport without an escort. Appropriate signage is required.

Can I tow my chaser bin on public roads?

Yes. Davimac chaser bins come standard with our road transport kit that features the required signage, lights and flags to enable towing on public roads.

Operators must follow the requirements from the respective State or Territory when towing oversize farm implements and agricultural machinery on public roads.

Can a chaser bin fight a harvest fire?

Research has shown that up to 7% of combine harvesters will start a fire each year.

We recommend fitting a firefighting unit with water tank, pump and hose to your chaser bin for immediate response to a harvest fire.


GRDC Reducing Harvest Fires Handbook

NSW Rural Fire Service Harvest Fire Safety