Davimac Trading Pty Ltd warrants authorised dealers, who in turn, warrants to the original purchaser, that each new product, part, or accessory will be free from defects in material and workmanship for twelve (12) months after delivery and installation by an authorised Davimac Group dealer, according to the Davimac Trading Pty Ltd Terms of Trade.

During this warranty period, the authorised dealer shall repair or replace, at Davimac Group’s option, without charge for parts and labour, any part of the Davimac or Agrowplow product that fails during normal use and operation due to defects in material or workmanship. See the Terms of Trade document for further terms of the warranty policy.


In the event of a defect which may result in a warranty claim:

  • The owner must contact the Authorised Dealer that they purchased the machine or part from. If this is not practical, then the Owner must contact their closest Authorised Dealer.
  • If it is not possible to contact your local dealer, then the owner may submit a warranty claim with Davimac directly.
  • At Davimac Group's request, the Dealer will ensure any failed parts are freighted to the Davimac factory. Transportation of the Davimac product to the Authorised Servicing Dealer for warranty work is the responsibility of the Owner.
  • The Warranty is not transferable to any third party or subsequent purchaser.


It is critical that we understand the reason and cause for a claim. It is also critical that Davimac Trading Pty Ltd approves the work and resolution process before work starts. You or your dealer will need to provide:

  • Dealer and end-user information as well as the machine’s serial number.
  • Photos of the whole machine as well as photos and/or videos that clearly demonstrate the fault that is being claimed.
  • Description of issue and the work being done at the time the fault occurred.
  • Proposed resolution and the suggested parts to replace.


Components and conditions not covered by warranty include:


Failure resulting from neglect, improper operation, lack of required maintenance, or continued use of machine after the discovery of a defect which results in greater damage to the unit.

Environmental Conditions and Application

Deteriorated or failed components such as hydraulic hoses, seals, valves or connections damaged by corrosive materials, dirt, sand, excessive heat or moisture.

Normal Wear

Normal wear and consumable items such as oils and lubricants, nuts, bolts, washers, grease caps, spanners, jacks, bearing housings, axles, poppet valves or seal kits for hydraulic cylinders, seals, points, discs, axles, tyres, machine adjustment and periodic service. These are considered to be normal wear items and are not warranted.


Component failure caused by non-performance of scheduled maintenance such as correct lubrication and maintenance, tightening or replacement of bolts, nuts, fittings, shields and covers.


Damage or machine failure caused by carelessness, accidents, improper operation, incorrect installation inappropriate transportation or storage of the machine, parts or attachments.


Includes any unauthorised alteration, modification, attachments or unauthorised repairs to the Davimac Group product, parts or attachments. Written approval must be obtained from Davimac Trading Pty Ltd for any such items to maintain the warranty.

Non-Genuine Parts

Use of parts other than Davimac or Agrowplow parts for repair of warranted parts will automatically negate any warranty. Warranted components must be replaced with genuine Davimac or Agrowplow repair parts.

Unauthorised Repairs

Repairs by an unauthorised agent will automatically forfeit any warranty. Warranty repairs must be carried out by an authorised Davimac Group dealer only, and only after Davimac Group’s authorisation has been obtained.

Tyres, Hydraulics, and Castings

These items are covered by their respective manufacturer’s warranty. Claims for faults relating to these components must follow Davimac’s normal claim procedures.

Replacement Parts & Service Work

The labour or expenses involved in any of the following replacements or service tasks are the responsibility of the owner. Davimac Group and its dealers are not responsible or liable for any such expenses.

  • Replacement of faulty tynes or shanks.
  • Soil opener replacement.
  • Metering roller adjustment or replacement.
  • Any bearing replacement.
  • Adjustments (refer to user manual).
  • Drive shaft adjustment or replacement.
  • Periodic service work.


Non-Recoverable Costs

Dealers are expected to absorb some of the cost of mileage and travel time as part of servicing their sales region (see page 25 for warranty reimbursements). Dealers are also responsible for providing certain services to the customer (such as minor repairs and adjustments to the equipment etc.) free of charge. This type of service is essential for establishing an ongoing relationship with the customer.

Service Standards

Davimac Group reserves the right to reject claims (either fully or in part) that are the result of a sub-standard pre-delivery inspection or servicing. All servicing on implements covered by the Davimac Group warranty must be performed by suitably qualified personnel and to Davimac Group standards.

Diagnostic Time

Warranty does not cover the time required to diagnose a warranty problem. Diagnostic time is affected greatly by the training and expertise of the technician employed to do the job. With proper training of service personnel, diagnostic time should be at a minimum. Davimac Group expects that dealers will assign a well-trained and proficient technician to handle warranty repairs.

Transportation & Insurance Costs

Warranty does not cover transportation or insurance costs for its products or other equipment needing repair or replacement of warranted components. Nor does it cover any freight or insurance costs in obtaining new parts or returning old parts to Davimac for inspection purposes.

Clean-up Time

The Davimac Group does not pay for cleaning the products, parts, accessories or work area before or after the warranty repair. Clean-up time is affected primarily by the application or conditions in which the unit is operated and maintained. Since clean-up time can be so variable, cleaning time should be considered a customer expense.

If you have any questions regarding our warranty policy or procedure, please call 02 6366 8585 or email warranty@davimac.com.au