Use the following check to ensure the drive chain running from the PTO shaft to the cross-auger is tight. A firmly adjusted drive chain will transfer power from the PTO shaft to the cross-auger more efficiently and help reduce wear on the cross-auger bearings. 

Check bin drive tension

1. Undo the chain cover

The chain cover (0207304) is secured using a single latch and can be undone by hand.

2. Check the drive chain tension

Check the tension on the drive chain (202-0142) by attempting to move the chain by hand. There should only be a few centimetres of play on either side. If it is loose, it will need to be adjusted. 

3. Adjust the drive chain tension

The upper bolt on the drive chain tensioner plate (0207305-01) can be loosened which allows the tensioner plate to be rotated. Use this to apply greater or lesser tension onto the chain to apply more or less tension from the nylon tensioner (0207034-01). 

4. Adjusting the tensioner

The nylon tensioner is designed to withstand many years of constant wear. If the nylon tensioner is showing signs of wear, it can be rotated by removing the two bolts securing it, rotating it 180°, and re-securing the bolts. 

October 12, 2022