Rubber tracks from Vimcor

Work smarter with Australian designed and built Vimcor rubber track undercarriage.  Vimcor is all about giving you more capability and productivity out in the field. Available in 24" and 36" track widths, Vimcor tracks will significantly increase flotation and reduce ground compaction. Let us help you adapt your existing equipment so you can keep you working.


Reduce compaction. Increase floatation

  • 24" or 36" width options with a ground contact of more than 3m.
  • Go anywhere and maintain even ground contact with 20° of roll and 5° yaw. 
  • Heavy-duty track range options
  • Smooth operation minimises wear and tear to equipment
  • Heaviest axle design capable of handling loads up to 55 tonnes
  • Standard 2.6m wheel centres, optional 3m or custom made centres
  • Easy to use and maintained
    Australian made, owned and backed

Built for strength, durability and simplicity, Vimcor Track Systems can reduce compaction zones by up to 40% Vs tyres. Featuring a reinforced main frame, bushes, heavy duty wheel hubs and a simple track tension all of which maximizes the strength and high performance of our tracks out in the field, for improved productivity.

Discover the Benefits of Tracks

The heavy duty track series is uniquely designed to provide a large footprint in a supremely powerful undercarriage when compared to tyres. The tracks have strong frame design, heavy duty wheel hubs and a walking beam axle purpose built with an impressive 55t handling capacity. The perfect choice for chaser bins, planters, fertilizer carts and sprayers.

Constructed from heavy duty 3mm sheet in the sides and 6mm plate in the front and back

Vimcor tracks on 35T Davimac chaser bin

Achieve More with Tracks

Adapting to tracks will give you greater ground contact that rubber tyres could never match. With a shallow tread pattern and minimal berming you will gain better traction and a smoother operation. Greater flotation and reduced compaction. Plus, a hydraulic accumulator belt tensioner is fitted to maintain track alignment and pivoting axle for even weight distribution on uneven surfaces. Its a track design, purpose built for your operations.

Vimcor tracks on a 35T Davimac chaser bin

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Very Satisfied

Bin worked very well to my expectation

- Terry Spackman


I'm very impressed with my chaser bin & the personal service

- Bendrick Murell


Very well built products & good back-up

- Bordertown