Eliminate delays and stay on schedule with the first Australian designed and built Track Chaser Bin with a unique cushion hitch. With ultimate flotation, especially in light sandy country and a heavy duty design with a massive 55 tonne handling capability, Davimac track chaser bins can help you keep on harvesting.

Floatation without compaction

  • The strongest, most durable and simplest Chaser Bin design
  • Australian designed and built Davimac Tracks 
  • Increased floatation and less compaction and wear and tear on fields
  • Built to outlast and handle the tough Australian terrain.
  • Easy to Operate
  • 100% Premium quality Australian steel for durability and strength
  • Australian made, owned and backed
Curved upper sides of a Davimac chaser bin

Curved Sides

The distinctive curved bin sides allow the bin to withstand the stress of a full load without buckling under the strain.

The rubber cushion hitch in between the chassis and A-frame

Unique cushion hitch

The cushion hitch between the chassis and A-frame is unique to Davimac. It protects the tractor and bin from shunting during transport, delivering a smoother ride whatever the conditions.

Rear of a Davimac chaser bin showing the steep sides

Steep sides

Keep even the trickiest grains flowing with high-angle 55° bin sides. You'll get more grain in the silo and less stuck inside the chaser bin. 

A pair of headers unloading into a Davimac chaser bin

Low loading height

A low loading height of 3.3m on both sides means you can easily upload from a header on either side of the bin with a lower risk of collision.

Detail of an auger

Tough auger

Unload bushel after bushel with zero stress. The huge 20" diameter vertical auger is constructed from 10mm flights fully welded to the internal spine to reduce bowing under strain.

A Davimac chaser bin unloading into a truck

Unload faster

Our augers are designed to maximise harvest efficiency. The huge 20" augers unload up to 12 tonnes per minute, so you can have a full 35-tonne load in the truck in under 3 minutes.

The auger protection guard on the underside of a Davimac auger

Auger guard

The auger protection guard shields the vertical auger from damage from bumps and collisions. Get peace of mind knowing even the greenest chaser bin driver can only bust the guard and not the auger itself. 

An auger spout with LED lights on either side

Spout lights

Keep working through twilight and into the night with super bright 3,000 lumens LEDs mounted to the auger spout. 

Header unloading into a full Davimac chaser bin

Tough construction

Davimac chaser bins are made to last. 10 and 16mm plate in the chassis make sure it can take the weight of the biggest harvest, with 6.4 and 3mm sheet steel in the sides to keep the aggregate weight down.

The axle of a tracked Davimac chaser bin

CTF Centres

Standard axles are adjustable from 2.6 to 3m CTF-standard widths to reduce soil compaction from repeated machinery passes.

Header unloading to a green Davimac tracked chaser bin

Durable track design

Keep your chaser bin performing even while turning under up a track footprint up to 6.4m² and axles rated up to 55 tonnes.

Davimac tracks mounting uneven terrain

Go anywhere with tracks

Easily navigate uneven terrain while maintaining ground contact with Aussie-designed tracks that have up to 20° pitch and 5° degrees of roll. 

The independent clean out doors under a Davimac chaser bin

Independent clean-out doors

Minimise pests and make post-harvest cleaning easier with independent clean-out doors that run the length of the chaser bin's underside. 

Viewing windows at the front of a Davimac chaser bin

3 Large Viewing Windows

Get easy visual confirmation of the state of the load and monitor loading and unloading with three 6mm perspex windows in the front of the bin and at the bottom of the vertical auger. 
Signage, flags, and lights at the back of a Davimac chaser bin

Safety lights & signage

All bins come with high-visibility flags, oversize signage, indicator lights, and hazard lamp as standard for safety during night work and road transport. 
Roll tarp stretched across the top of a Davimac chaser bin

Roll Tarp

Protect your crop with a weather-resistant, UV-stablished roll tarp made from 900gsm PVC with Panama weave heat-bonded hems.
Auger hopper chute

Auger hopper chute

Keep your bin working though the year with an adjustable height hopper chute to easily distribute stock feed around your farm.

long-reach auger

Long reach auger

Adds 600mm to the auger for a total auger length of over 6m while still keep a single fold for fewer points of weakness. 

Chaser bin with a right-hand discharge auger

Right-hand discharge

Customise your chaser bin to suit your harvest workflow. 

Scales on the axle of a Davimac chaser bin


Easily track when you need to unload and monitor yields paddock by paddock with Bluetooth-compatible weight scales, accurate down to 2kg. 

Fire Extinguisher

Fire extinguisher

Get added safety and peace of mind with a 9L air/water mix fire extinguisher mounted to the front chassis. 

FFire fighting unit on a Davimac chaser bin

Fire fighting unit

Be ready for anything with a forward-mounted fiire fighting unit. The 400L tank comes with a custom-designed mounting bracket, pump and 36m hose to dispense water up to 120L per minute. 

Tow bar with a white background

Tow bar

Tow additional implements behind your chaser bin with an optional towbar. Choose a light-duty towbar with 3.5T capacity or a heavy-duty towbar with 25T capacity. 

Composite image of blue, green, and red Davimac chaser bins

Custom colours

Your fleet, your way. Choose from optional red or green colouration on your bin, complete with modified decals and undercarriage paint. 

The drive on the A-frame of a Davimac chaser bin

Hydraulic drive

Change your PTO drive to a hydraulic drive with 500RPM to maximise bin compatibility with older model tractors. 



Track 35 tonne

  Capacity 35 tonne
  Vertical Auger Size 505mm
10mm flights welded onto 150mm circular pipe
   Horizontal Auger Size 405mm
6mm flights welded onto 219mm ERW pipe
  Maximum unload speed 12 tonne / min
   Auger Discharge Height Range 4.4m to 4.7m
   Track Centres 2.56m, adjustable to 3m  
   Track Width

36" track

  Track Length Contact 3.12m
  Track Mid Wheels (per Track) 8
  Track End Wheels (per Track) 4
  PTO rpm 1000 rpm


35 ton

Weight 14.60 tonne
Bin Side Height 3.31m 
Bin Length 8.57m
Overall Length 11.27m
Overall Width 3.48m (3m or 4m track centres will increase width)

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Bin worked very well to my expectation

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