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In sync with the major trend to tracked drive systems, it seemed only logical to incorporate the option of a rubber track system for our Davimac Chaser Bins. Plenty of hard work has been put into designing, testing and building our very own track system and the team at Davimac couldn't be more prouder with the results. 

When you consider the many challenges of farming, efficiency is a key to achieve a successful yield. This is why our latest chaser bin has been built, so to provide a wider harvest window, rugged dependability and smooth operation for the most important part of cropping. 

Our engineering, materials and workmanship have produced a world-class machine built to meet the high expectations of Aussie Farmers

Shannon McNab - Director

With ultimate floatation and reduced soil compaction our track chaser bin can help you keep on harvesting when things start to get wet. It also performs great in sandy country and eliminates bulldozing the soil.  This has been greatly demonstrated in WA, the benefits of reducing compaction on cropping country have significantly improved yields. 

In addition to our rubber track system, our chaser bin models also feature a unique cushion hitch, another first for Australian manufacturing. Up front, the cushion hitch is a special formulation rubber compound that compresses to remove the load shock when travelling over uneven terrain. It ultimately reduces the shunting and jarring being transferred to both tractor and the bun. Further it reduces wear and tear to both machines. 

Plus our track system turns easily without the 'scrubbing' experienced with non-steerable bogie axle bins. Click below to visit our youtube page to watch how the bin turns while empty and fully loaded. 

Our tracked chaser bin will be on display at field days nationwide and we look forward to showcasing it to you. Go to our field day page for more information or why not contact us to find out more information about our chaser bins. 

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