Get Your Chaser Bin Ready for Harvest

Harvest is just beginning, or is just around the corner. So it's time to check your equipment is in order for this years haul. Proper servicing and maintenance is the key to long implement lift as outlined in our operators manual. And with careful inspection, you can avoid costly downtime and repair. So ensure this year your chaser bin is in good shape before heading out to the field. 

Check all Bolts and Hardware

Prior to use and after using the chaser bin for several hours, check that all bolts are tight. This should be done every day for the first 3 days of use and weekly after that. Refer to our operators manual for how tight the wheel nuts for your chaser bin need to be. All fasteners should be checked and re-tightened as required during service. Ensure to use only metric tools on metric bolts to avoid damage to bolt heads and to prevent tools slipping and causing injury. 

Lubrication points. 

Make sure all lubrication points are all functional and greased prior to heading to the field.  This includes the grease drive line bearings, the auger hinge bearing, checking the gearbox oil. The gearbox oil should be changed and the auger hinge bearing re lubricated pre-season with other areas serviced weekly. 

Check the PTO/Drive Belts

Make sure they are properly adjusted and are adequately greased. Check adjustment, alignment and for heavy cracks in the grooves or other visible damage. Also ensure linkage is free to move and engages and disengages smoothly. 

Tyre Inflation

Check your tyre inflation and refer to our operators manual "tyre inflation chart' for correction inflation

Scale Accuracy

Check the weight of al east five different loads with a legal for trade scale. Inspect for damage and routing to prevent damage in the field. 

Hydraulic Hoses

Look for any signs of damage, wear spots or leaks.

Lights and Safety Decal

Make sure your safety features are functional and fully visible. Replace any worn, damaged or illegible safety decals. 


Look over your tarp for any signs of damage or tears. Ensure the tarp rolls freely and has proper tension. 

Contact your local Davimac dealer, If you require more information on maintaining you chaser bin.

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