For over 20 years Davimac has been manufacturing quality Small Seed Boxes. Many years of research and development has been invested into producing a small seed box that delivers exactly what the farmer needs.

Built Tough

  • The strongest, most durable and simplest Small Seeds Box design.
  • Large Capacity Seed Box
  • Built to outlast and handle the tough Australian terrain.
  • Easy to Operate
  • 100% Premium quality Australian steel for durability and strength
  • Australian made, owned and backed

Class Leading Design

Sizes: The standard seed box comes in 7" (175mm) spacing in 14, 16, 20, 24, 27 and 28 rows (other sizes available upon request).
Simplistic design allows box to fit to many different implements
Large Capacity. 38L p/m allows for fewer refill stops.
Easy to adjust Seeding rate from 1kg to 50kg per hectare (depending on seed mix.)
Accurate and robust metering system that will not vary with use. It also benefits from a large box capacity (38 litres per metre) meaning less stops to refill. The box has baffles fitted as standard to reduce movement of the seed.
Heavy duty construction from 1.6mm and 3mm sheet metal, making it a strong and sturdy seed box
Highly durable. The feed rollers are a nylon plastic which has a high resistance against wear and abrasion.
Standard with a 25 tooth 08B sprocket fitted. The drive unit has the feed roller adjustment incorporated into it for simplicity.
Powder coated finish for long lasting durability


Number of rows from 4 to 32
Row spacings from 4"(100mm) to 12" (300mm)
Larger capacity 60L p/m (standard 38L p/m)
Hills in box
Drive wheel & mounting brackets



Seed Box Operators Manual

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