Sowing small seeds is a costly program, so it is important to sow seed at an optimum depth to increase germination rates. Davimac pasture seeders are ideal for sowing all small seeds, eg: Lucerne, Canola, Clover, Ryegrass, Phalaris etc. Each tyne is individually sprung and has a cutter bar to make a small furrow in which the seed is placed and then covered by a trailing covering chain.

Optimise Yields

  • The strongest, most durable and simplest Pasture Seeder design.
  • A must for all pasture and canola growers
  • Built to outlast and handle the tough Australian terrain.
  • Easy to Operate
  • 100% Premium quality Australian steel for durability and strength
  • Australian made, owned and backed

Class Leading Design

Sizes: Available in a large range of sizes from 14 row (2.45m) to 28 row (4.9m). Other sizes are available upon request.
A seeding range from 1kg to 30kg per hectare (depending on the seed mix)
Constructed of sturdy RHS and pipe and finished with exterior enamel. The seed boxes are made from high quality components and have a large capacity for fewer refill stops (standard capacity 32L p/m)
Increased Accuracy. The drive unit on the seed box has the feed roller adjustment incorporated for increased seeding accuracy
Positive seed adjustment which is easy to calibrate
Heavy duty construction of seed boxes using 1.6mm steel
Baffles to stop seed movement.


Different row spacings upon request
Seed Boxes are available separately
Hills in box.
Larger capacity 60L p/m (standard 38L p/m)
Rubber Tyre Rollers to suit



Pasture Seeder Operators Manual

Till 31/12/2014
Pasture Seeder Operators Manual

From 1/1/2015 onwards

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