With an equal sowing width to the overall width, the Davimac DF Seed Drill is designed for maximum land utilisation and efficiency. Farmers can sow right up to a boundary or fence line to produce impressive seeding results first time, every time.

Dependable Performance

  • The strongest, most durable and simplest Seed drill design.
  • Built to outlast and handle the tough Australian terrain.
  • Easy to Operate
  • 100% Premium quality Australian steel for durability and strength
  • Australian made, owned and backed
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Sizes 20 and 24 row in 150mm spacings and 24 and 28 row in 125mm spacings

Davimac DF seed drill

Heavy Duty Frame design

Heavy duty frame manufactured from 100x100x6mm RHS and 10mm and 16mm plate

ED Seed Drill

Large Capacity

Extra Large capacity seed and fertiliser boxes of 520 or 720L. Our seed drills can sow from small seeds up to large seeds with rates from 1kg to 300kg per hectare. Small Seeds Box can be fitted for sowing small seeds

ED seed drill tynes

High Quality Coil Tynes

Our high quality 25mm coil tynes with baker boot points provide the best possible germination rates. The seed drill has 4 tool bars spaced at 475mm and our proven tyne layout provides the best possible trash flow. 


Small Seed Box
Disc Coulters
Trailing or 3pl
Rear Tow Hitch
Rubber Tyre Roller
Stainless Steel Boxes
Small Seeds Flexi chute
Smudge Bar

Davimac DF Seed Drill gear box

Variable Speed Gear Box

Easy to adjust variable speed gear boxes. The seeding/fertiliser rate can be infinitely varied simply by moving a lever

Seed Drill flotation tyres

Flotation Tyres

For reduced soil compaction and accurate seed placement Davimac uses heavy duty 11.5/80-15.3 flotation tyres

seed drill loading platform

Largest loading platform

The largest loading platform in its class allows easy loading and access to the seed and fertiliser bins

Large Viewing Windows

Keep an eye on the grain with our large viewing windows

Davimac Seed Drill lid

Low Lid Height Design

Our convenient lid design makes loading and viewing the seed boxes easy

Quality in cab acre meter


20 row

150mm spacings

24 row

125mm spacings

24 row

150mm spacings

28 row

125mm spacings

Sowing Width 3000mm 3000mm 3600mm 3500mm
Overall Width 3050mm 3050mm 3600mm 3500mm
Overall Height (tines on the ground) 2070mm
Box Capacity Seed 520L Fert 520L Seed 520L Fert 520L Seed 740L Fert 740L Seed 740L Fert 740L
Wheels 11.5/80-15.3
Number of Tool Bars 4 Tool bars at 475mm spacings
Tines Quality 25mm coil tynes
Under Tyne Clearance 275mm from the tip of the point to the ground when lifted
Small Seed Box Capacity 90 L 90 L 112 L 112 L
Weight inc discs 1948 kg 2064 kg 2325 kg 2457 kg
Specifications could change without notice.



Seed Drill Brochure

Seed Drill Operators Manual

From serial no. 

TD 0110-1814


DF 0110-1014

Seed Drill Operators Manual From serial no. 
TD 1914, SD1414, DF1114,  ED1014

Seed Drill Parts Manual From serial no. 
DF 0110-1014

Seed Drill Parts Manual From serial no. 

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